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Strategic Plan 2022 Vision

Positioning the University for continued success during a period of dramatic change in higher education



Aspirational, what we want to become, what we want to be known for

To become a national model for university-based community engagement and for equipping students with the knowledge, skills, and motivations for learning and success.



Operational, what we do for a living in pursuit of the vision

Through teaching, scholarship and service, we provide an environment of experience-based learning, enriched by active community engagement that prepares an increasing number of students from all walks of life to succeed in a diverse society.


Core Values

Cultural, our shared beliefs that guide our priorities and behaviors

Collegiality We treat each other with respect and work together in a spirit of inclusiveness, collaboration and teamwork to serve others and reach common goals.

Excellence We give our best effort and seek continuous improvement in all our activities.

Innovation We are open to new ideas and creative methods for solving problems.

Integrity We promote ethical behavior, taking responsibility for our attitudes, actions and results.

Transparency We support open, honest and continuous communication.