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Dr. Dwayne Hooks awarded Sandra Deal Excellence in Education Award

(March 21, 2024) - Dr. Dwayne Hooks, the dean of the College of Health, was recently awarded the Sandra Deal Excellence in Education Award at the Champions for Change Gala, presented by the Georgia Commission on Women, on February 22, 2024.

Dr. Dwayne Hooks addresses the crowd at the Champions for Change Gala, presented by the Georgia Commission on Women

Hooks proudly accepted the award from Mary Emily Deal – the daughter of the woman whom the award was named after.

During his acceptance speech, he took the opportunity to highlight Clayton State University and speak on its greatest strength as an institution – its students.

“Our students are very special,” Hooks said. “The adjusted gross income for our families is $29,000 – only one from the bottom [in the USG] in terms of income that supports individuals pursuing their education.”

Hooks then went on to say the university is “dedicated” to ensuring that its educational infrastructure is in place for all students to successfully thrive, regardless of their financial challenges.

“Individuals that graduate from any of our College of Health programs are going to more than double their income – just that individual,” Hooks said. “The impact we have on social mobility is enormous. Education has transformed my life and my family’s life, and we are doing that for the students we serve at Clayton State University.”

With young students in the audience, Hooks then asked all in attendance to raise their hands if they had heard of the university. After many hands were raised, he was thrilled.

“We’re often told that Clayton State is the best-kept secret,” Hooks said. “We are making sure that that is no longer the case.”

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