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ITC IT Inventory Template

Each department should complete the Technology Inventory an identify software, license fees, hardware (e.g. laptops, tablets, servers) and any accessories, and technology services. Only include software that was purchased with Departmental funds.

The inventory should include all current inventory as follows:

  • For items purchase prior to FY 2013 complete columns A-J only.
  • For Items purchased in FY 2013 complete columns A-J and provide data on how much was spent and how it was expensed. Aggregate figure may be entered for miscellaneous equipment. Any Inventory where the total expense would be 1-3 percent of the total spend may be excluded.
  • For FY 2014 complete columns A-J and include similar financial information based on planned expenses. General budget descriptions will suffice (i.e. laptops, then aggregate amount budgeted). If plans are to request funding from PBA – either end of year or FY 15, the estimate should be included in the spreadsheet.

The focus is on IT related expenses only. If equipment required CIO approval in the past, then please include. To assist in determining where the expenses are funded please ensure the difference between allocations your department can control and those it can’t are clearly documented. So if the equipment was funded through an account not managed by the department please specify who paid for it (i.e. HUB).

The data will help the university in the following ways:

  • Create an inventory to help you plan for, and recover from, disasters.
  • Provide fiscal information that should be helpful in assignment of risk ratings as part of your Enterprise Risk Management process
  • Ensure a clearer understanding to you, the budget council, and ITS  of:
    • what we spend for hardware, software, services, and support
    • costs of support (i.e. after warranty, annual support costs increase – make sure you have budget to support those costs);
    • Lifecycle costs –your budget plan for replacement of aging/obsolete items

Download an excel version of the Technology Inventory template.