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ITC Information Request

The Information Technology Council wishes each department to perform an inventory of departmental information technology. The inventory should identify software, license fees, hardware (e.g. laptops, tablets, servers) and any accessories, and technology services. In addition, please provide data on how much was spent last fiscal year, as well as, the anticipated spend for FY 2014.

We are reaching out to you as a budget manager for your assistance on this project. Please provide your completed inventory to Cheryl Jordan (678-466-4218) by October 31, 2013. If you are uncertain of the purchase date, please enter 0000. Please contact Cheryl if you have questions.

The data will assist you, the Technology Council, and the Planning and Budget Advisory Committee to create and manage a budget for IT expenses now and in the future. This worksheet will help you in the following ways:

  • Create an inventory to help you plan for, and recover from, disasters.
  • Provide fiscal information that should be helpful in assignment of risk ratings as part of your Enterprise Risk Management process
  • Ensure a clearer understanding to you, the budget council, and ITS of:
    • what we spend for hardware, software, services, and support
    • costs of support (i.e. after warranty, annual support costs increase – make sure you have budget to support those costs);
    • Lifecycle costs –your budget plan for replacement of aging/obsolete items

We have been requested to add building code as a reportable entry on the Technology Inventory template. The revised template is attached along with a building code table. The building codes or building numbers are in the same line with building name. For example “BUILDING: 0001 FACULTY HALL”, 0001 would be the code to include if the primary location of the inventory item is in Faculty Hall. If the primary location is off campus (for example if you have a university issued lap top that you use at home or for research at an off campus location) please use building code 9999 Other – Off campus. If you have a lap top or other piece equipment of that you occasionally take off campus but it is used primarily in your office at work it should be coded to your work location.