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The Council of Student Organization Leaders, CSOL, here at Clayton State University participated in The BIG Thank You campaign by collecting over 350 letters!

Over the past several years, The Bert Show community helped to express a BIG THANK YOU with over a million hand written letters of thanks to every serviceman and woman deployed outside the United States. This year the goal was to collect 170, 000 letters. About a week before the deadline, they had only received 44,000 letters. Community members, schools, universities, including Clayton State University, local businesses and other entities rallied, big time and the Bert Show announced they hit their goal with a whopping 189,000 letters!


The Council of Student Organization Leaders, CSOL, was established to ensure that student organizations operate effectively and efficiently at the maximum potential by providing an open platform for collaboration and exchange of ideas and thoughts from other student organization leaders. The council is comprised of an executive member from each recognized student organization and CSOL meetings are held monthly.

The purpose of the CSOL meetings is for organizations to learn methods to improve the way their group functions, to share information and ideas about programs or policies that affect student organization life on campus, allow for reports on happenings in each organization, and for organizations to voice questions and concerns (a more specific focus may be determined, if necessary).

  • Council of Student Organization Leaders (CSOL) meetings will be coordinated by the Department of Campus Life and will be held once per month.
  • Each student organization’s president is required to serve as the CSOL representative.
  • The CSOL representative (organization’s president) is required to attend each CSOL meeting (alternates may attend upon approval), and each organization is allowed one vote when voting is necessary.
  • Failure to have the CSOL representative attend the CSOL meetings may cause the organization to lose its active status as a registered student organization which will negatively impact the organization’s SFAB funding privileges.


The CSOL meetings will be coordinated and overseen by the Director of Laker Life.

Scheduled Meetings Fall 2024

Date/Time Location
Friday, August 23rd - 11:00am - 12:00pm SAC Ballroom C
Friday, September 27th - 11:00am - 12:00pm SAC Ballroom C
Friday, October 25th - 11:00am - 12:00pm SAC Laker Lounge
Friday, November 22nd - 11:00am - 12:00pm SAC Ballroom C

Things to bring…

  • Organization’s calendar of events for the month
  • Ideas
  • Concerns
  • Issues
  • A great ATTITUDE!


CSOL Coordinator: Dr. Atawanna Baxter, Assistant Dean of Students and Alumni Engagement (678) 466-5433 or