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Club Sports Football

What is Club Football?

Club football is your standard 11-man tackle football played at the collegiate level. Club football offers the opportunity to continue playing the sport if an athlete did not receive a scholarship or would like another year of training before pursuing future endeavors. Club sports are not funded by the school's athletic department but can be given a portion of their budget by the Office of Student Life and Recreation and also through club sport fees.

What league will Clayton State University compete in?

Clayton State University's Club Football team will compete in the NCFA (National Club Football Association). In addition to playing other club teams, we will be playing against institution supported football programs at the college, community college, and collegiate prep school level. Currently there are 27 colleges participating in the NCFA. Clayton State will be competing in the South Atlantic Conference.

What is expected of the player?

As club football is not funded by the college's athletic program, the budget that has been set out is insufficient to cover all team needs and expense. Players are responsible for paying for their own equipment, transportation, and lodging fees. These fees total $2,000 and are non-refundable.