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Faculty Profiles

Shontelle Thrash, Director 

Shontelle Thrash has over 20 years of experience in professional theatre. She is also the acting professor here at Clayton. As an actress, her work has taken her from New York to Shanghai, China. In the Atlanta community, she has performed at the Alliance Theatre, 7 Stages, Horizon Theatre, Actor’s Express, just to name a few. She is an accomplished film, television and voice over artist. As a producer and director, she has worked in venues all across the US. She is also the creator/producer of the Artists Showcase of Atlanta, which through its actor showcases, opened the door to a number of actors receiving agent representation. Her work continues to receive critical acclaim and universal praise.

Derrick Vanmeter, Assistant Professor of Theatre/Technical Design Director

Derrick Vanmeter holds an M.F.A. in Theatre Design from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He has designed scenery, costumes, and lighting in various professional and university companies along the east coast. Derrick contributed an essay on the use of the Guy Fawkes mask in the Occupy Wall Street movement to Deb Bell’s recently published volume Masquerade: Essays on Tradition and Innovation Worldwide.

Cynthia Barker, Part-time Theatre

Tyler Graham, Part-time Theatre