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Careers in Theatre

This is one of the main questions we get from parents and prospective students. There are actually a number of fields available to a person with a theatre degree. This is one of the few degrees that will allow you to go in a number of directions. Here are some possible jobs for a person with a theatre degree. Some positions require further study.

Theatre teacher Actor/Actress Company Manager Development Director Drama therapist Artist-in-residence Director Producer Box Office Manager Arts fundraiser Scenic Designer Carpenter Scenic Artist Press Agent Arts council director Theatre librarian Lighting Designer Electrician Business Manager Voice-over Artist Personal Manager Audience Relations Specialist

Coordinator Hair/Makeup Artist's Agent Community arts center director Marketing Director Outreach Coordinator Costume Designer Draper Booking Agent Managing Director College Professor Special Effects Technician Publicist Grants specialist Acting Coach Stage Manager Literary Agent Public Relations Director Dramaturg Property Designer Casting Director Technical Director Prod. Support Services Arts Administration