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Information for Faculty

Faculty Evaluation: VPA Materials

In Spring 2017, the department's P&T committee created amendments to the guidelines and a checklist.

VPA Promotion and Tenure Guidelines (MS Word; 9 pages) These policies were adopted by the department and approved by the college and relevant administrators in 2014.

Mentor/Mentee Form (PDF; 1 page) This is a single page version of the form that is also included in the guidelines.

VPA Faculty Evaluation Handbook (PDF; 24 pages) This handbook summarizes and offers guidance regarding VPA's new policies. It also includes the official list of accomplishments and activities that meet the department's requirements for publication/production. The handbook was approved by departmental vote in October 2014.

Faculty Evaluation: College and University Materials

A&S Promotion and Tenure Policies (Dean's office) This web page includes links to materials related to the evaluation process for all faculty members in the college. It also includes the timeline for the transition from the old to the new policies.

Faculty Information (Provost's office) Drafts of the university's Faculty Handbook are linked from this page. Note that the version available here does not always reflect recent changes.

Jury Evaluation forms

Vocal evaluation form