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Film Minor

Clayton State students majoring in other BA and BS programs may also earn a Film Minor. This minor requires a minimum of 18 hours, which can also apply toward the elective requirements of many other majors. Graduates earning a Film Minor will receive official recognition of this achievement on their university transcripts.

Why Minor in Film?

The undergraduate Film Minor prepares students for entering the workforce or earning graduate degrees in professional areas such as film performance, film studies, and film production. It develops and strengthens students’ production, performance, critical thinking, and writing skills for success in all academic and professional endeavors.

The job market in film and visual media is strong—and growing! In the Metro Atlanta area, the film industry has exploded with big-name local film studios like Pinewood Atlanta, Tyler Perry Studios, and Screen Gems; over 25 television programs filmed in the Metro Atlanta area; and long-running annual film festivals like the Atlanta Film Festival, Peachtree Village International Film Festival, and Out on Film. Major television networks like CNN, Turner, and The Weather Channel all house their corporate headquarters in Atlanta. These local venues—let alone those across the nation and abroad—provide CSU graduates who minor in film the opportunity for employment in this lucrative industry.

Admission to the Film Minor

Students wishing to declare a Film Minor should:

  1. Complete the Change/Addition of a Minor Form and submit it to the VPA Department. This can also be done by logging into the Duck.
  2. Attach their completed Film Minor Graduation Worksheet to their graduation application and submit both to the Registrar.

Film Minor Requirements

The Film Minor consists of 18 semester hours. 

Lower Division Courses - 6 hours

Performance Track:

CMS 2100          Introduction to Film** THEA 1880        Introduction to Acting

Studies Track:


CMS 2100          Introduction to Film**

FILM 2700         History of Cinema

Production Track:

CMS 2100          Introduction to Film**

Select One:


CMS 2410          Digital Imaging

CMS 2420         Introduction to Field Production

GFA1                 GA Film Academy I

Upper-division electives: (select 4)

CMS 3340, 3341, 3342    National Cinemas

CMS 3350         African American Cinemas

CMS 3360         Deconstructing Disney

CMS 3410         Lighting for Motion Pictures

CMS 3420          Audio Recording &   Sound Design

CMS 3720          New Media Design

CMS 3820          Screenwriting (same as THEA 3820)

CMS 4310          Film Analysis and Criticism

CMS 4320          Women and Film

CMS 4330, 4331, or 4332   Film Genres

CMS 4410          Digital Video Production

CMS 4450          Digital Video Post Production

CMS 4490, 4491, or 4492       Modes of Video Production*

FILM 3155        Cinematography

FILM 3480        Producing

FILM 3490        Directing

FILM 3700        Great Directors

FILM 3850        Motion Graphics 

FILM 4420        Visual Effects

FILM 4430        Advanced Lighting

FILM 4440        Advanced Visual Effects

FILM 4460       Video Post-Production II

FILM 4480       Video Production II

FILM 4800, 4801, or 4802            Special Topics

FILM 4903       Seminar in Contemporary Filmmaking

**Students who choose to apply CMS 2100 toward their General Education core requirements must substitute another of these 3-credit upper-division electives to complete the 18-hour Film Minor.