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Students of all major study areas are welcome to pursue a minor degree in dance. There is currently no audition for the dance minor program. The progression of study involves many pre-requisite requirements and courses are only offered certain semesters of the academic year. Therefore, it is recommended that students pursuing the dance minor consult with dance faculty members to assist them with their course scheduling.

The following courses are required to complete the minor degree in dance:

DANC 2110 Ballet I 2 Credit Hours
DANC 2120 Jazz I 2 Credit Hours
DANC 2130 Modern I 2 Credit Hours
DANC 3200 Dance Performance 1 Credit Hours
DANC 3600 Dance History 3 Credit Hours
DANC 4250 Choreography 3 Credit Hours
Students must also complete
DANC 3XXX One Level II Dance Technique Course 2 Credit Hours
One Elective course to be chosen from a technique course of choice or DANC 4800, Selected Topics in Dance
Total   18 Credit Hours