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The Bent Tree

Student Media

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The Bent Tree Newspaper is a student-run publication, whose goal is to entertain, educate and inform the campus, while also providing an opportunity for students to develop and enhance their journalistic skills, both in print and online. Established in 1969…The Bent Tree strives to promote balanced reporting, while offering a platform for students to share their opinions and concerns with the entire student body. The Bent Tree staff believes strongly in collaboration among students, faculty and University staff to ensure responsible representation. The Bent Tree print newspaper and online edition promote awareness of student media as a whole.

The Bent Tree print edition is updated the first week of the semester and then the first week of every other month during the semester.  The website is updated at least twice a week.

To submit a story idea or to find out more about becoming a part of the staff…contact The Bent Tree:

Phone: (678) 466-5436

The Bent Tree office: Room 205 in the Student Activities Center.

On the web at:

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