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Strategic Plan Planning Process

June. 2023

0. Pre-Planning

Planned Activities

  • Align on desired outcomes
  • Surface key themes to be addressed
  • Charge Steering Committee

Jul. - Oct. 2023

1. Build a Shared Understanding

Planned Activities

  • Strengthen our current state understanding
  • Conduct market scan and benchmarking
  • Engage community members through focus groups and survey

Sep. - Nov. 2023

2. Prioritize Strategic Options

Planned Activities

  • Develop strategic options and prioritization framework
  • Prioritize strategic options

Dec. 2023 - Jan. 2024

3. Draft Strategic Plan

Planned Activities

  • Synthesize inputs to create a strategic plan outline
  • Draft the strategic plan
  • Socialize and refine the draft strategic plan

Feb. - Mar. 2024

4. Finalize Plan and Prepare for Execution

Planned Activities

  • Finalize the strategic plan
  • Develop implementation resources