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Omni CMS Training

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Editing Text

Editing Text (adding, deleting, updating, moving)

  • How do I add a new text to an existing paragraph?
Add new text to the first paragraph:

Clayton State University is a place where dreams are made real, not only for our students, but for our employees as well. Add your text. Adding some context to this paragraph, and I will add more text. 20

Add new paragraph here. Add some other stuff. 

Add new text. 

The University offers employees professional opportunities and personal development in a diverse, inclusive environment. The campus is situated just  20  * minutes from downtown.

Atlanta on 313 beautiful acres, making access to the metropolitan area a breeze.

Delete the paragraph below:
  • list
    • bulleted
    • super bulleted
  • own line
  • own line
  • basketball

  • How do I edit text in a title or subtitle?

Heading 2

Subtitle is a Heading 2 


  • How do I edit text in an accordion on my webpage?

Edit the text in the left and right columns of the Accordion below:

Edit right here. Make changes. You can add images.


Heading 3

more words

Add text here

more words AGAIN


  • How do I paste text from MS Word?

            Paste from MS Word

 The first icon allows you to paste MS Word formatting as it is in the document. You will need to use the keyboard to do a paste.

When pasting text copied from a MS Word File and trying to use the first icon, the system will ask you to use Command C/V to paste the content copies from a MS Word file.

Copy and paste message

Paste Content from a Word file below. You will notice the formatting from word will be retained in the text that is pasted.

Mike Thompson

Alumni Spotlight

“I always wanted to be on TV. At least I thought I wanted to be on TV,” says Mike Thompson ’12, graduate of the Communication & Media Studies program at Clayton State University and current multimedia and digital content producer for WFDG Fox 54 in Augusta, Georgia. While he did not know the exact path getting into the television industry would take her, Mike’s story is one of dedication and personal branding.














Contact Us

Office Hours
Monday -  Friday
9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Mailing Address
School of Graduate Studies
Clayton State University
2000 Clayton State Boulevard
University Center 205
Morrow, GA 30260

  • Master of Science in Clinical/Counseling Psychology (MSCCP)
  • Master of Science in Supply Chain Analytics (MSSCA)
  • Master of Strategic Leadership Development (MSLD)
  • Post-Master’s Certificates





 paste as text

The 2nd icon allows you to paste MS Word formatting as text. which will remove the formatting.


Paste as text from a Word file.





  • How do I format text?

There are certain restrains on how text can be formatted in Omni CMS, but text does have a certain structure in HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) for important reasons. 

  1.  The introduction of HTML 1.0 had an objective for sharing data and information which can be accessed through web browsers. Over time, the development of HTML has kept the initial, structural, fomatting conventions and has added Cascading Style Sheets (CMS) to format text in a more advanced manner. 

Using the pull down menu labeled "paragraph," text can be formatted structurally and will keep the text within Clayton State's branding style guide. There is also a "styles" drop dpwwn that has two formatting choices.

Drop down menu
Styles menu




Format this text as a paragraph.

Format the text below as an address.

23 Osborne Terrace
Wayne, NJ 07470
23 Osborne Terrace
Wayne, NJ 07470

Format this text as Blockquote.

Format This Text as a Heading 1.

Format This Text as a Heading 5

Format this text with a style of Intro First Sentence (P Elements)

  • How do I create a data table?

table menu

Fruits Cost Quantity Total    
apples $3.00 per pound 2 6.00    


Editing Images & Graphics

  • How do I add a new image or graphic to a web page?

Place a image or graphic here.

College classroom with students

  • How do I replace an existing image or graphic?

Place an existing image or graphic below:





  • How to I move an image or graphic?


Classroom with students


  • How do I resize an image or graphic?

Classroom with students


  • What is an Alternative description requirement and how to add or edit this description?

alt text


Click the image and then select the image icon in the menu bar. Image menu bar


Classroom with students


  • How do I make an image or graphic a clickable link?

Select the image below and click on the Insert /edit Link icon. Link icon   Add the link in the URL text field.

Classroom with students


Links and Documents

  • How do I add a text link to a page?

Select the phrase below and add a link to another page in the web site:

Relative URL- link inside the Clayton State Site

Read More

  • How do I link to an external link?

Select the text below and add a link to Google:


Visit Google's website


  • How do I change a link that may be broken?


Visit Google's web site

  • How do I add a Word or PDF file?
  • How do I link to a Word File or PDF file?
  • How do I add link to the left navigation?
  • How do I add an email link to text or an email address in the text?


Saving, Preview, Review and Publishing

  • How do I save my changes?
  • How do I publish my changes?
  • How do I set my changes to be posted at a future time?
  • How do I review a page before publishing it?
  • How do I publish a page?
  • How do I revert a page to a previous version?
  • How do I compare two versions of a page?


  • How do I place a Snippet on a page?
  • Content accordion


  • Why won’t my image upload to the system?
    • Staging versus Production
    • File name conventions
  • Why can’t I edit a page?
  • Why can’t I see my changes in the browser after I published by changes?
    • Clearing your browser cache.


Mac: Top Left Chrome menu > Clear Browsing Data > Click Browsing History box > Clear Data

PC: Top right of Chrome > Click 3 dots > More Tools > Clear Browsing Data > Check Browsing History box > Clear Data

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AACSB Accreditation

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Among the only five percent of business schools in the world with AACSB accreditation, we are internationally-recognized for providing excellence in business education.

Academic Excellence

Academic Excellence

The College has been recognized for preparing the next-generation of leaders in today’s economy, including being named among the best colleges and universities for a bachelor’s and master’s degree in business by U.S. News and World Report.

Educational Value

Educational Value

Consistently recognized for affordability, we strive to provide graduate and undergraduate programs that combine quality and value. SR Education Group ranked the College no. 2 for the Most Affordable Colleges for Bachelor’s degree in Business.