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Public Safety Emergency Building/Floor Coordinators

Building Floor Responsibility Emergency Response Coordinator Contact Information Alternative Contact Information
Arbor Hall 1st floor Juan Cerda 678-466-4230 Nikia Yallah 678-466-4237
Arts & Sciences 1st floor Deb Carey 678-466-4735 Ms. Lynn Crockett 678-466-4825
Arts & Sciences 2nd floor Sherree Buchanon 678-466-4890 Ms. Lynn Crockett 678-466-4825
Athletics & Fitness Center Le’ Trone Mason 678-466-4679 Sherry Echols 678-466-4692
Career Resource Center Dorothy Herzberg 770-960-2186    
Clayton Hall Veloude Settles 678-466-4605    
College of Business – 1st floor Terri Cleveland 678-466-4500 Valencia Cantrell 678-466-4500
College of Business – 2nd floor Vicky Smith 678-466-4518    
College of Business – after hours Veronica Copeland 678-466-4500    
Continuing Education Stephanie Cook 678-466-5118 Kathryn Quinn 678-466-4994
Edgewater Hall-1st Floor Julie Coile 678-466-4223    
Edgewater Hall 2nd Floor Vacant 678-466-4050    
Facilities Management Lana Soroka 678-466-4249    
Faculty Hall Vacant      
Huie Hall Thomas Stein 404-358-2130 Vacant  
Lab Annex Building Adanna Nioku 678-466-4799 Sheryl Sands 404-516-4002
Laker Village Mya Richardson 678-466-5480 Robert Morton 404-466-5526
Lakeview Discovery and Science Center 1st Floor Paul Muluin 678-466-4778 Jennifer Eason 678-466-4770
Lakeview Discovery and Science Center 2nd Floor Vacant   Cyderria Holmes 678-466-4868
Lakeview Discovery and Science Center  Basement Boey Kheem Tan 678-466-4856 Cass Parker 678-466-4788
Library David Greenebaum 678-466-4326 Holly Hampton 678-466-4339
Library 1st Floor     Vacant  
Magnolia Hall Jackie Person 678-466-4800    
Peachtree City Campus Chris Williams 678-466-5011    
Spivey Hall Chris Tollack 678-466-4488    
Student Activity Center Brandon Marshall 678-466-5433    
University Center - 1st Floor Shaneeka Grant 678-466-4222    
University Center - 2nd Floor Tammy Wilson 678-466-4102    
University Center - 3rd Floor Nancy Franco 678-466-4402    
University Center - 4th Floor Ashley Washington 678-466-4403    
Woodlands Hall 1st Floor Wanda Bunn 678-466-4284    
Woodlands Hall 2nd Floor Vacant      
Woodlands Hall 3rd Floor Kelly Adams 678-466-4272    

Homeland Security

Security on Campus

Police Tip Line

Location: Edgewater Hall Room 207

Phone: (678) 466-4050

Fax: (678) 466-4269