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Department of Psychology

Faculty and Advisors

*unless otherwise indicated, all phone numbers are (678) 466-****

*please consult the DUCK for your advisor's name.

For faculty offices, please consult their personal pages or the directory.

Full-Time Faculty

Name Email Extension 

Dr. Antoinette Miller,  Department Chair 4834
Dr. Deborah Deckner  4836
Dr. Kitty Deering  4830
Dr. Erica Gannon  4831
Dr. Eric Bridges  4726
Dr. Brian Goldman  4845
Dr. Samuel Maddox, Director, Master of Science in Clinical-Counseling Psychology and Undergraduate Internship Coordinator  4835
Dr. J. Celeste Walley-Jean, Dean, School of Graduate Studies and Inclusive Engagement  4837
Dr. Pinar Gurkas  4849
Dr. Charlie Harris  4838
Dr. Eckart Werther  4891
Dr. Pearl Chang  4888
Dr. Mark Daddona  4839
Dr. Christina Grange  4878
Dr. Chizara Jones  4731
Dr. Nichelle Jackson-Gause, Clinical Practicum Coordinator  4878



Part-Time/Adjunct Faculty



Name Email
Jamal El-Amin
Michael Faison
Dr. Victoria Figiel
Nicole Jenkins
Dr. Donna W. McCarty
Celeta Vanderpool
Brandi Werther