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BSN Program Prerequisites

Both tracks of the BSN program  require that students complete the following prerequisites prior to program enrollment.

AREA F – Lower Division Program Requirements (18 hours)

F1 BIOL 1151-1151L Human Anatomy and Physiology I with Lab (4 hours)
F2 BIOL 1152-1152L Human Anatomy and Physiology II with Lab (4 hours)
F3 BIOL 2250-2250L Microbiology with Lab (4 hours)
F4 PSYC 2103 Introduction to Human Development (3 hours)
F5* Approved Lower Division Elective(s) (3+ hours)


*MATH1231-Introductory Statistics required unless satisfied in area D2; CHEM1151-1151L-Survey of Chemistry I with Lab required unless satisfied in area D1.

Transition Course (3 hours)


HLTH 3201 Pathophysiology (3 hours)


*HLTH3201 is not offered at many schools; transfer students should plan on completing at Clayton State during first semester of enrollment prior to nursing program admission. Note that BIOL1151-1151L and CHEM1151-1151L or CHEM1211-1211L is prerequisite and must be satisfied with grades of C or better prior to enrollment; BIOL1152-1152L is a pre- or co-requisite.

Legislative Requirements

Clayton State students will satisfy United States and Georgia constitution and history requirements through completion of appropriate coursework in core curriculum. Alternate coursework and/or testing may be appropriate for transfer students. Refer to the Catalog for details; general information available through the Testing Center.