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Nursing Program Mission

Consistent with the mission statement of Clayton State University, the School of Nursing is committed to providing comprehensive nursing education to residents from a diverse range of ethnic, socioeconomic, experiential, and geographical backgrounds. The following essential considerations inform and guide the programs offered by the School of Nursing:

  • increasingly complex global context of contemporary life;
  • promoting community-based, active, experiential learning;
  • continuous education for teaching , scholarship, and growth;
  • promoting health and human development of the global community in transition;
  • providing high quality educational services for the development of competent, caring, and committed professional nurses;
  • developing programs which incorporate innovative health care and educational technologies;
  • maintaining standards of professional nursing practice that recognize and value the social, economic, ethnic and cultural diversity of individuals as central to the promotion of health and human development.
  • promoting collaborative, interdisciplinary practices models.

It is the faculty’s mission to use those resources which will promote lifelong learning and enhance the acquisition of skills in modern technology. Mastery of critical thinking skills, comprehensive care, evidence and theory-based practice, research, and communication is successfully accomplished by integrating theory, clinical practice, and advanced technologies. The curriculum facilitates the transition of students into professional nursing roles in a multifaceted and multicultural health care environment.

Revised by the Faculty Organization 12-10-12