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Basic Guidelines for Simulation

Treat the environment and simulator as real. Call the simulated client by name; perform as you would in an actual environment.As a practice environment, errors are expected; however, risky behavior toward the simulated patient, students, or others, whether the behavior is real or simulated, is not allowed.

Treat information about the simulated client as with a real client. Be aware of HIPAA laws; practice confidentiality.

Do not discuss or share information about the performance of classmates in simulation. This is a safe learning environment.

Dress appropriately for patient care; bring stethoscope and supplies.

Do not bring food or drink into the simulated environment.

Turn off cell phones and other ringing devices.

Bring resources, including I-phones and I-pads with appropriate applications, such as medical and drug references.

Simulation Center
Harry S. Downs Center 
CE 122 (lower level)
Clayton State University
2000 Clayton State Blvd.
Morrow, GA 30260

(678) 466-4946

Associate Dean and Chief Nurse Administrator
School of Nursing
Dr. Wm. Michael Scott

Simulation Lab Coordinator
Avin Koralagamage