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Degree Requirements

Master of Health Administration

MHA Foundation Core: 21 Credits (All Required)

MHA Advanced Core: 18 Credits (All Required)

MHA Electives: 3 Credits (Required)

Internship: 3 Credits (Required)

Total: 45 Credits

MHA Curriculum 45 Credits (After Deficiency Courses Complete)

Phase I-Core (All Required)
HCMG 5100: Health Services Administration
HCMG 5200: Healthcare Law and Ethics
HCMG 5300: Healthcare Human Resources
HCMG 5400: Organizational Behavior in Healthcare
HCMG 5950: Healthcare Economics
HCMG 6150: Healthcare Reimbursement and Financial Mgt.
HCMG 6100: Information Management in Healthcare
Phase II- Advanced Core (All Required)
HCMG 6301: Healthcare Marketing
HCMG 6500: Managerial Epidemiology
HCMG 6650: Research Statistics and Methods in Healthcare
HCMG 6700: Healthcare Policy
HCMG 6850: Advanced Quality Systems for Healthcare Leaders
HCMG 6900: Strategic Planning of Healthcare Organizations
Phase III-Integrative Experiences (Internship Required)
HCMG 6990: Internship - (Internship Hours = 225 Clock Hours)
Comprehensive Examination (Required: Two Attempts to Pass)
HCMG 6999: Thesis in Health Administration (Optional)
Electives - Allowed in Any Phase to Fulfill 45 Credits. Only One Elective Course is Required
HCMG 5501: International Healthcare Issues
HCMG 5650: Public Health Organizations and Practice
HCMG 5701: Long Term Care Administration
HCMG 5750: Healthcare Regulatory Compliance
HCMG 6950: Independent Research in Health Administration