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Master of Arts in Teaching - Secondary Education: Mathematics

Contact Information

Dr. Kelli Nipper M.A.T. Mathematics Program Coordinator Clayton State University College of Information and Mathematical Sciences 2000 Clayton State Boulevard Morrow, GA 30260-0285 Office Phone: (678) 466-4417 Fax: (678) 466-4459


The Department of Teacher Education at Clayton State University is excited to offer the Masters of Arts in Teaching Mathematics. We welcome prospective educators to this site and invite future teacher candidates to visit our beautiful campus in Morrow, Georgia.

About the Program

The Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) with concentration in secondary mathematics is designed for individuals who hold a bachelor’s degree in mathematics (or a closely related field such as Physics, Statistics, Mechanical Engineering, etc.) from an accredited college or university. Individuals without a degree in mathematics are expected to have had the following undergraduate courses: Calculus I, Calculus II, Calculus III, Linear Algebra, and at least 2 additional upper-division mathematics courses. Students who have not completed these prerequisite courses should contact the M.A.T. Mathematics Program Coordinator for advisement prior to applying.

This initial certification program will prepare interested persons to receive a master’s degree and provide them the opportunity to become certified to teach secondary mathematics in Georgia. The program consists of mathematics content and methods courses, professional studies courses, and field-based clinical experiences. Content and professional education courses emphasize the use of technology and action research with pupils in diverse school settings. Upon successful completion of this program, graduates are awarded the M.A.T. degree and the opportunity for teacher certification in grades 6-12 mathematics. Students in the M.A.T. mathematics degree program may also qualify for the post-secondary badge, which is designed to help students prepare for teaching at the post-secondary level. The M.A.T. degree program offers evening courses with full time student teaching during the spring semester. Individuals who are teaching with a provisional certificate in a public school system will be given full-time student teaching status.

While faculty in the Department of Mathematics teach the mathematics content and methods courses, faculty from the Department of Teacher Education teach the professional education courses and supervise the practicum and internship experiences. Our partnership school districts will serve as collaborative sites for the field experiences and internships.

Curriculum Design

The M.A.T. curriculum is designed so that it can be delivered over four or five semesters.  Early in the program, students will have courses and field experiences supporting the candidates’ educational foundation theory and knowledge.  This is followed with coursework in content and pedagogical knowledge, practica and internship experiences.  Students will also complete an action research project.  Content specialists in mathematics will teach the curriculum and methods for the discipline. Our partnership school districts will serve as collaborative sites for field experiences and internships.

The program offers courses primarily during the evening until students reach their internship experiences.  Full-time student teaching status will be given to candidates who are teaching with a provisional certificate in a public school system.

Program Goals

This degree offers students opportunities:

  • to develop or hone pedagogical skills for teaching mathematics in a high school or college setting
  • to create meaningful connections between subject matter and teaching methods through practice and reflection of the effects on student learning
  • to discover new approaches and materials to reach diverse learners through Clayton State’s unique resources
  • to study mathematics through eighteen hours of intensive graduate coursework in the discipline