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Master of Arts in Teaching Biology

Degree Requirements for MAT Biology

Each student will complete 36 semester hours of MAT course work with a minimum grade point average of 3.0. At least 27 of these credits must be taken at Clayton State University. The curriculum will be delivered over four consecutive semesters. The M.A.T. program is designed to provide courses to support candidates’ educational foundation theory and knowledge during the first semesters, and content and pedagogical knowledge, skills, and dispositions with practica and internship experiences during latter semesters. The latter semesters will consist of completing an action research project and finishing content courses. Biology faculty will teach content courses. All professional education courses and clinical/internship experiences will be taught and supervised by education faculty and public school mentor teachers. Content specialists in Biology will teach the content curriculum and methods courses. Our partnership school districts will serve as collaborative sites for field experiences and internships.

Students must pass the Basic GACE prior to admission (unless exempt); prior to entering the internship, students must pass the GACE Biology Content Tests 026 and 027.

Summary Degree Requirements:

Required education courses (18 hrs)

EDUC 5100 Social and Cultural Awareness in American Education (3 hrs)

EDUC 5101 Exceptionalities and Cognitive Development of Learners (3 hrs) 

EDUC 5200 Curriculum and Instruction for Teaching Secondary School Learners (3 hrs)

EDUC 5102 Practicum I (2 hrs)

EDUC 5300 Internship Seminar (1 hr)

EDUC 5301 Secondary School Internship (4 hrs)

EDUC 5400 Action Research Project (2 hrs)

Required content courses (6 hrs)  

BIOL 5400 Science and Society (3 hrs)

BIOL 5901 Methods in Teaching Secondary Biology (3 hrs)

Elective content courses (12 hrs of graduate level BIOL coursework)

BIOL 5380 Advanced Evolutionary Biology (3 hrs)

BIOL 5640 Advanced Cellular and Molecular Biology (4 hrs)

BIOL 5620 Applied and Environmental Microbiology (3 hrs)

BIOL 5700 Special Topics in Biology (3 hrs) (may be repeated for different topics)

BIOL 5820 Conservation Biology (3 hrs)

BIOL 5840 Plant Ecology (3 hrs)

BIOL 6222 Research in the Biological Sciences (variable 1- 6 hrs; may be repeated for up to 6 hours total) 

Sample Program of Study

Sample Four Semester Schedule of Coursework

Typical Four Semester Schedule of Coursework
Semester 1 Spring Semester 2 Summer Semester 3 Fall Semester 4 Spring
BIOL 5380 (3 hours) EDUC 5100 (3 hours) EDUC 5102 (2 hours) EDUC 5300 (1 hour) BIOL 5400 (3 hours) EDUC 5200 (3 hours) BIOL 5901 (3 hours) EDUC 5301 (4 hours.) BIOL 5640 (4 hours) BIOL 5700 (3 hours) EDUC 5101 (3 hrs.) EDUC 5400 (Part 2—1 hr.) EDUC 5400 (Part 1--1 hr.) BIOL 5620 (3 hours)
9 hours 13 hours 11 hrs 4 hrs 


Total = 37 hours