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Master of Arts in Teaching Biology

MAT Biology Courses

BIOL 5380 Advanced Evolutionary Biology (3 hours) This course is an advanced study of evolutionary biology including discussions of topics from recent primary literature. The course will help students develop an understanding of the current state of research in the field as well as its applications in areas of conservation biology medicine, and agriculture. Prerequisite: Graduate standing or permission of the Department.

BIOL 5400 Science and Society (3 hrs) This course will focus on the influence of science on society from a historical and modern perspective. Exploration of societal issues and informed decision-making will be emphasized. Prerequisite: Admission to the M.A.T. program or consent of the instructor. 

BIOL 5901 Methods in Teaching Secondary Biology (3 hrs) This course will explore theory and pedagogy of secondary biology instruction with a focus on teaching methods across a variety of topics. Appropriate integration of technology into science teaching and learning will be emphasized.  This course is cross listed with SCI 4901. Prerequisite: Admission to the M.A.T. program.

Elective content courses (12 hours of 5000 or 6000 level coursework) 

BIOL 5620 Microbial Ecology (3 hrs) This course emphasizes the roles of microorganisms in ecosystems, including, microbial physiology, nutrient cycles, methods of microbial analysis, and the functional roles of microorganisms. Laboratory component is integrated within this course.  Prerequisite: A basic course in Microbiology, Biochemistry or Cellular Biology at the undergraduate or graduate level and permission of the instructor. 

BIOL 5640 Advanced Cellular and Molecular Biology (4 hrs) This course will cover selected topics in cellular biology and study them from an experimental approach.  Students will read primary literature, participate in discussions and/or write papers, grant proposals and give presentations. Prerequisite: either BIOL4202L or BIOL4900 with a minimum grade of C and graduate standing or permission of the Department.

BIOL 5700 Special Topics in Biology (3 hrs) (may be repeated) Selected advanced topics of current interest in biology. This course will be offered as fits the needs and interests of the students and faculty. Course may be repeated for credit if topics are different. Prerequisite: Graduate standing or permission of the Department.

BIOL 5820 Conservation Biology (3 hrs) This course will explore the fundamentals and theory behind conservation biology.  Threats to biodiversity and approaches to conserving and restoring biodiversity will be explored. Prerequisite: BIOL 3500 and graduate standing or permission of the Department.

BIOL 5840 Plant Ecology (3 hrs) This course will explore the interactions between plants and their environment, between individuals within the same species, between various species of plants, and between plants and other species. The effects of anthropogenic influences on plants, as well as Piedmont ecology will also be investigated. Prerequisite: BIOL 2500, BIOL 3500 and graduate standing or permission of the Department.  

BIOL 6222 Research in the Biological Sciences (1- 6 hrs) Research experience for students in Biology.  Specific research topics will be determined by the student in consultation with his/her major advisor.  Course may be repeated for credit. Prerequisite: graduate standing and permission of the Department.