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Photography services are available through the Office of Marketing and Communications. The staff photojournalist may be requested to photograph University events and provide headshots for faculty and staff. Marketing and Communications retains all rights to photographs. These photos may be used in any Clayton State University publications, marketing materials, or on the Web site. Images may also be used by external media, with permission, to promote the University.

Marketing and Communications can provide:

  • faculty and staff photos
  • student group or organization photos
  • press release or event photography
  • campus stock photography
  • image editing/retouching

Please complete a photography request at least two weeks in advance of the event or appointment.

Depending upon the circumstances, the cost for freelance photography may be handled by Marketing and Communications or may be the individual department’s budget responsibility.

Releases are typically required if the individual:
is recognizable; the primary focus of the photograph/video shot
is identifiable in a small group setting, such as a small group of students studying in the library or congregating in a classroom. In these cases, a release should be obtained from each subject
has been recruited to serve as a model
is a minor (under 18 years of age); a parental release is required

Clayton State releases are typically not required if:
The subject is not recognizable, such as silhouettes, posterior view or out of focus
The photos/video are not being taken to be distributed by Clayton State. When news media is covering a story on campus or a production company is shooting content it plans to distribute, those entities should have their own release forms. The film shoot guidelines outline protocols for filming on campus.

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Photographic Archives

Clayton State’s photography archives are managed by Marketing and Communications in cooperation with the University Archives in the Library. The University Archives has a limited selection of pictures dating back to 1969. There is an extensive archive of 35mm color slides dating to 1994, digital photos dating to 1997 and color photos dating to 1995. More recent photography has been preserved in digital format.

Model Release Form

We must utilize a model release with all photography subjects to obtain permission to use each individual’s image in web and print. The official model release should be printed on department letterhead and subsequent copies for signatures can be photocopies.  Please communicate with the Office of Marketing and Communications for questions.  Note for individuals under the age of 18 years, a parental signature must be acquired on the model release.

Photos which are taken without obtaining the appropriate release may not be used under any circumstances in University print materials or on any Web site. All photography taken on the Clayton State University campus of all faculty, staff, and students in the campus environment by Marketing and Communications is for the purpose of promoting the University. No faculty, staff, or student may seek compensation for the usage of such images.

Model Release Form Under 18 years
Model Release Form Over 18 years


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