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Logo Usage

Logo Usage

Name Usage

Use of the University Name

The University name is Clayton State University. The entire name should be used in all references to the University. Clayton State may be used as a secondary reference when the full name has been used preceding it. Avoid using “CSU” except in situations where space is an issue for text.

Logo Usage

Logo Usage and Downloads

What is a logo?

A logo or wordmark is a recognizable and distinctive graphic design, stylized name, unique symbol, or other device for identifying an institution, organization, or business. When used consistently, it helps create a clear and memorable identity and becomes a symbol that provides audiences with immediate and powerful recognition and association with the institution.

Clayton State University has three official marks—the Clayton State University wordmark, university seal, and athletic logo. The wordmark may be widely-used by the Clayton State community, while the university seal and athletic logos are available for more selective use.

Who owns the University’s logos?

University identity marks are the property of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia and are registered trademarks. The Board of Regents sets guidelines for how the marks can be used and requires that individual institutions assume responsibility for monitoring and protecting such usage.

These guidelines apply to anyone who might use a Clayton State University identity mark: faculty, staff, students, departments, internal and external organizations, printers, businesses, and vendors. Authorization for appropriate and accurate use of Clayton State’s identity marks is essential to compliance with Board of Regents policy (7.11.8 Trademarks) as well as to positively promoting the University.

*IMPORTANT - Logos are not to be altered in any way. This includes changes in color, shape and dimension. The official University logos are legally protected trademarks appearing on official communications (online and print), partnerships and sponsorships. Failure to abide by these strict guidelines may result in the need to reproduce materials at the cost of the unit or department who created such materials. The Office of Marketing and Communications must approve any alternate uses of the logo.

Clayton State University Wordmark

The Clayton State University wordmark is the standardized graphic representation of the Clayton State University name. It is a custom-designed mark that emphasizes the words “Clayton State” to provide immediate identity recognition and to enhance readability. The rings represent the ripples on the lakes on our campus and also resemble a ‘C’ for Clayton.


  • As the primary graphic symbol that identifies Clayton State University, the wordmark (or approved wordmark combination or unit signature) must appear on all publications (either the front or back cover), websites, and other visual communications developed for Clayton State external audiences by any administrative or academic unit of the university except Intercollegiate Athletics.
  • The official logo colors for Clayton State University are Laker Blue (PMS 288) and Georgia Clay (PMS 165). The official logo is two colors consisting of blue letters with ripples of orange. The two-color logo should not be used on a black background. When printing a document or brochure in black ink, do not use the two-color logo; the quality will be diminished. Black is not to be used with Georgia Clay as a second color for the logo.
  • An alternate two-color logo may be used on a navy blue background only. The logo consists of white letters with ripples of orange. This two-color logo should not be used on a black background. The color combination may not be reversed (i.e., orange letters and blades of white).
  • When printing the logo in a single color, only the following one-color options are approved: blue (PMS 288), black, or white (reversed out of an appropriate background). The black logo should always be used when printing only in black. Georgia Clay is not to be used as a single color for the logo.
  • The logo may be foil stamped (silver or gold) or embossed.
  • Departments and schools should not develop other logos or graphic art representations, which will compete with the official University logo. The official University logo with the department name below is the only approved format.
  • The logo is not to be used on the same page with the official University seal.
  • The logo, which represents Clayton State University, is for use only by the faculty and staff of the institution. Requests for any other usage of the logo must be submitted to the Office of Marketing and Communications.
  • The wordmark may be used on give-away promotional items such as T-shirts, mugs, key chains, etc., with prior written approval from University. 

College and Unit Signatures

In addition, a standardized signature system provides options for university colleges and other units to combine a unit name with the wordmark.

The Clayton State University signature system enables each college and unit to connect its name with the University wordmark to provide a consistent form of unit identification that is immediately recognizable as Clayton State University. Existing unit logos may not be used and new unit logos may not be developed.

Clayton State University Seal

The official University seal is a legally protected trademark reserved for use primarily on official documents such as diplomas, transcripts, awards, certificates, certain institutional literature such as the academic catalog, and items produced by the President’s Office. The current University seal was last updated in 2005.


  • The Office of Marketing and Communications and/or the President’s Office must approve other uses. The seal should not be used for marketing or other promotional purposes.
  • The seal must be reproduced from authorized original illustrations and should not be scanned, redrawn, or modified in any way. Do not use parts of the seal to create other logos or artwork. The Office of University Marketing and Communications will provide a digital file for approved uses.
  • The seal may be printed in black, blue, white (reverse from solid background), or gold. The seal may be foil stamped (silver or gold) or embossed.
  • Do not substitute the seal for the Clayton State University wordmark, which should appear on all external publications, websites, and other visual communications.
  • The official university seal is a stand-alone mark of the university and may not be combined with the Clayton State wordmark.
  • The seal may be used on certain high-end items approved; do not use the seal on general give-away promotional items such as T-shirts, mugs, key chains, etc.


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