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IT Project Request Process


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The following process should be followed for all IT requests, including IT policy issues:

Evaluate your request:

If your request meets at least one of the following criteria, it must be submitted to the ITC for approval: Involves changes to or development of IT policies or standards.

  • Work will require more than 40 hours of ITS time.
  • Funding is being requested for the project.
  • Work will impact another department, division, or operation.

If your request does not meet these criteria, please contact ITS directly.

If your request meets the above project criteria:

  • Complete the ITC Request Form and submit to the IT Business Analyst.
  • Requests may be submitted at any time, and will be considered according to a calendar set by the Council. At a minimum, project requests requiring budget support will be considered at semi-annual meetings in February and September.
  • All requests must include approvals from the appropriate authorities (Department/Office Chairperson, Dean, Vice President).
  • The ITC will do a preliminary review of the request and possibly consult with ITS to determine the merits of the request and confirm the estimated resources required.
  • If the ITC determines that it requires an oral presentation to be made, the requestor will be notified and advised of the format to follow for the presentation. The same format must be used for all presentations. The requestor will also be told the date, time, and location for the presentation, with notification to be no less than ten days from the scheduled date.
  • After reviewing all of the requests, the ITC will notify each project requestor whether or not their project has been approved. Approved projects requiring funding will need to be presented to the Budget & Planning Council using the existing process. The ITC has the authority to grant final approval for projects that do not require additional funding.
  • The ITC will also submit all approved IT-related policy recommendations to the President’s Cabinet. Decisions from the President’s Cabinet will be communicated to the ITC chairperson, who will coordinate notification of the requestors.