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The Information Technology Council (ITC) makes recommendations regarding IT projects and policies to ensure they are consistent with the strategic goals of the university. IT projects or issues to be considered by the ITC must be submitted using the ITC Request Form (see Appendix A). The ITC reviews and prioritizes IT project and policy requests. It then makes IT policy recommendations to the President’s Cabinet, and IT project recommendations that the requesting department can then present to the Budget & Planning Council to request funding. The ITC will participate in procurement decisions for hardware, software, and project-related purchases.



Gordon Baker

Dean of  Libraries

Donal Christian

Assistant Vice President of Business & Operations/Controller

Maritza Ferreira

Assistant Vice President of Marketing and Communications

Destiny Battle

SGA President

Norman Grizzell

Director - Auxiliary Services

Bill Gruszka

Vice President for Information Technology and Services (Ex Officio, non-voting) 

Jeff Jacobs

Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs

Karen LaMarsh

Director- Continuing Education- Support and Services Committee

Jill Lane - Chair

  Assistant Vice President, Academic Planning and Assessment

Charles Read

Director – Administrative Systems

Robert Vaughan

Graduate Affairs Committee Representative

  Muhammad Rahman     Professor of Computer Science & Information Technology
  Joshua Kitchens    Director, Master of Archival Studies program.

Jason Berry

Director – Telecommunications & Networking

Toni Simmons

Student Representative 

Heidi Benford

Staff Council Representative

Justin Mays

Director, Center of Instructional Development - Academic Committee

  Mary Lamb - Vice - Chair    Director of First-Year Writing - Governance Committee
  Keith Miller   Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management
  Reza Kheirandish   Associate Professor of Economics
  Dave Parham   Director of Support Services
  Leanne Bradberry   University Advancement - Web Administrator
  Joshua Darling   Athletics - Web Administrator
  Jim Flowers   Director - Special Projects
  Paul Bailey   Director Media and Printing Services
  Tom Gausvik   Chief HR Officer
  Kara Mullen - Secretary   Library  - Electronic Resources & Services