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Classrooms Wireless Access


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In an effort to address classroom wireless access issue each Dean was asked to develop a list of specific class room locations, courses, instructors, day and times where access issues were occurring. Led by Dan Newcombe an assessment was made of those locations and corrective actions taken. A summary of the project was provided to the Deans.

Our goal is to provide you, your faculty, staff and students with excellent and timely support. But, we need your help. A major finding of this effort is the need to try to assess the problem while it is actually occurring. For example, the technician identified and solved one of the problems by collecting data in the classroom during class. The data collected allowed the technician to see the true cause of the problem, and he solved it. Lesson learned - it is very important that when a problem occurs that someone contact The Hub as soon as. We hope you can communicate the need for timely calls to The Hub with all in your college.

We are implementing a set of executive level reports that will inform every one of the issues reported to The Hub through the ticketing process. Obviously, this effort will be most effective in supporting our goal if everyone reports issues on a timely basis. The following information should be provided when a problem occurs:

  • Time and Date
  • Computer or device type and operating system
  • Was this a problem for one person or the entire class
  • Was this a problem accessing an on campus or off campus resource