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ITC Budget Setting

The USG IT Handbook recommends that the IT Governance process “would incorporate some degree of budget review that includes the cost/benefit analysis of major planned expenditures, a budget request process, and a method of expense monitoring throughout the year[1]”. The review will depend upon data from the CIO’s periodic review of performance and capacity plans, business demands on infrastructure, and trend analysis of that data. All recommendations and requests made to the President are advisory, as is the case with all departmental and divisional budgets.

The IT Council will work with the VP of ITS to promote and enhance the ITS budget process. Transparency and continuous communication are a means of ensuring that IT is funded strategically and that the budget resources are effectively employed for the greatest effect across the university[2].

Transparency supports accountability, collaboration, and connectivity between services and the success of the students we serve. Transparency of the budget process requires:

  • Stakeholders are identified and participate actively in processes that prioritize how IT resources are allocated for the university’s maximum benefit.
  • Stakeholders are collectively engaged in the responsibility of ensuring that resources are aligned with the needs and strategic goals of the university.

Budget recommendations for ITS, as is the case with all other university divisions, are advisory in nature.

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