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IEP Program Costs

Full-time Tuition

The tuition for full-time F-1 Visa holding students for an (8) week session with (20) hours of class per week is $ 1,800 USD.

This tuition does not include the One-time Application Fee ($ 100)Student Activity Fee ($ 50), Parking ($ 34), Insurance ($ 200) (you may show proof of private insurance or purchase insurance through CSU), or Books ($ 150).

Total estimated cost for (8) weeks of IEP study is $ 2,335.

Part-time/Provisional Tuition

The tuition for part-time resident/U.S. citizens IEP students is $ 450 USD per class. It is possible to take up to (4) classes per an (8) week session.

The application fee is waived for part-time U.S. resident IEP students.

Part-time students do not pay the one-time application fee ($ 100), but must pay the parking fee of ($ 34/semester), and have the option to purchase student health insurance through CSU.

IEP Estimated costs for (1) Full-time session
Tuition $1,800
Application Fee  $100
Student Activity Fee $50
 Parking $34
Health Insurance $200
Books $150
Total $2,335
IEP Estimated costs for (1) Year  (4 sessions)
Tuition $7,200
Application Fee  $100
Housing $6,092
Meals $3,650
Living expenses, transportation $2,000
Student Activity Fee $200
Parking $68
Health Insurance $1,200
Books $600
Total $21,110