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Ten Reasons to Study the Humanities


Dr. Adam L. Tate Chair, Department of Humanities G-210 Arts & Sciences Bldg (678) 466-4809

Sherree Buchanon Administrative Assistant Department of Humanities G-210 Arts & Sciences Bldg (678) 466-4890

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  1. To practice the analytical thinking skills you need to be a successful student and employee.
  2. To improve your skill at oral and written communication.
  3. To see the interconnectedness of all areas of knowledge - how it all fits together.
  4. To develop a global perspective by studying cultures throughout the world.
  5. To deepen your understanding and appreciation of other's cultures and other's points of view.
  6. To support and strengthen your local arts community by learning to appreciate the importance of creativity.
  7. To clarify your values by comparing and contrasting them to what others have thought.
  8. To deepen your sources of wisdom by learning how others have dealt with failures, success, adversities, and triumphs.
  9. To appreciate what is enduring and to be able to tell the difference between the meaningless and the meaningful.
  10. To be inspired by some of the greatest minds and thoughts of the ages.