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Department of Humanities


Minor Program in Philosophy

Clayton State students majoring in other BA and BS programs may also earn a minor in Philosophy. The minor requires a minimum of 18 hours, which can also apply toward the elective requirements of many other majors. Graduates earning a Philosophy minor will receive official recognition of this achievement on their university transcripts. The Philosophy minor will provide students with skills that will enhance their academic performance whatever their major course of study and whatever their career aim.

The hallmark of philosophy is the attempt to think with rigor and clarity about difficult and enduring questions: Who am I? What can I know? How should I act? In coming to understand and think philosophically about such questions, students develop the ability to think more clearly and deeply about any question. So, the study of philosophy, in itself often abstract and theoretical, pays dividends of the most practical sort, enabling the student to do whatever s/he chooses to do, better. Moreover, the philosophy minor adds distinction to the student’s academic record, which is attractive to potential employers.

To fulfill a minor in Philosophy, students must complete 18 semester hours of coursework, comprised of 9 lower division and 9 upper division hours. In short, a total of 6 philosophy courses are needed for the minor. Ideally, students will have completed Critical Thinking 1101, English 1101 & 1102, and either Philosophy 2010, 2030, or 2040 prior to taking an upper division course. To declare a minor, go to Philosophy Minor Declaration Form, copy, complete, and submit to Philosophy coordinator or Dr. Adam Tate, Chair of the Department of Humanities.


Lower Division Requirements (9 hours)
PHIL 2010 Introduction to World Philosophy (3 hours)
PHIL 2030 Ethics in Historical & Contemporary Perspective (3 hours)
PHIL 2040 Introduction to Aesthetics(3 hours)

Upper Division Courses (9 hours)
PHIL 3200 Ancient Philosophy (3 hours)
PHIL 3400 Medieval Philosophy (3 hours)
PHIL 3600 Modern Philosophy (3 hours)
PHIL 3800 Contemporary Philosophy (3 hours)
PHIL 4200 Philosophy of World Religions (3 hours)
PHIL 4400 Philosophy of Culture (3 hours)
PHIL 4600 Logic & Philosophy (3 hours)
PHIL 4800 Special Topics in Philosophy (3 hours)
PHIL 4900 Directed Study in Philosophy (3 hours)

Total Program Requirements
(18 hours)

Sustainable Happiness

"Jobs come and go, physical beauty fades, markets rise and fall. Even close relationships can end. But the benefits of philosophy last a lifetime."