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Southeast Philosophy Congress

Annual Southeast Philosophy Congress

The Thirteenth Annual Southeast Philosophy Congress invites submissions from undergraduates, graduate students and postdoctoral researchers in any area of philosophy. The Congress, hosted by Clayton State University in Morrow, Georgia, will take place in February 2021, with a plenary speaker to be announced.

Format: Concurrent sessions. Speakers are allotted twenty minutes for presentation.

Email papers, accompanied by a brief abstract, to Dr. Todd Janke:

Submission deadline is January 31, 2021. Speakers will be notified immediately upon acceptance and selection will close when all slots are filled. The registration fee includes lunches. Video of past plenary talks and other conference information may be found below.

Maps and Directions

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Video of Plenary Addresses

2009 - Jack Zupko: 10 Myths about Medieval Philosophy

2011 - James C. Doig: Reading Thomas Aquinas

2012 - Robert McCauley: Maturationally Natural Cognition, Theory Ladenness, and Radically Counter-Intuitive Science

2013 - Mark Risjord: Jazz Improvisation and the Problem of Joint Action

2015 - Amy Donahue: Global Philosophy in the U.S. Academy

2016 - Andrew Altman: Targeting Terrorists and Distributing Risk


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