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Department of Humanities


Bachelor of Arts Degree

The B.A. in History degree at Clayton State turned 17 years old this year. Since the program's inception in Fall semester 2003, over 200 students have graduated. Our former students are now teaching high school or college-level history, working for historical agencies, museums and archives, practicing law, holding federal and state government jobs, managing businesses and providing financial advice, pursuing advanced degrees, and serving the communities in which they live. Our graduates have discovered the many different things you can do with a history degree, and they know firsthand how studying history gives you skills which you can take anywhere you want to go in life.

In fact, in terms of High Demand Essential Skills (HIDES), those skills which employers and hiring managers say they valued most in college graduates, history majors have a competitive advantage over other students. As the following Workforce Readiness Matrix for our B.A. in History program shows, students who major in history at Clayton State get large doses of Computer Literacy, Cross-Cultural Competency, Emotional/Social Intelligence, Global Perspectives, Information Literacy, Novel/Adaptive Thinking, Sense Making, Transdisciplinarity and Teamwork - Collaboration. The numbers below indicate percentage of course outcomes within our history program which help students to develop a given skill.


HIDES - History

In an era of specialization, when many students choose the narrow path of occupational training, we argue that the best education is still the broad one. The study of history helps develop skills which are never antiquated. Careful and accurate research, perceptive and creative analysis, open-minded consideration of many viewpoints, clear and precise writing will never become obsolete.

Best Online Degree

Clayton State's History B.A. degree has been recognized by Affordable Colleges Online as one of the best online programs in the nation, and we are the only 100% online history program in the University System of Georgia. Students in Clayton State's undergraduate history major program have the unique opportunity of taking classes from our well-published faculty in American, World, and Public history.

Our program is enriched and enhanced by the location of the Georgia Archives and the National Archives at Atlanta, both of which are adjacent to campus. Clayton State students may choose an appropriate minor, such as Spanish or Philosophy or even Business or Computer Science, or they could simply take more upper division history courses if they prefer. Our history curriculum equips graduates with the knowledge and background required for either graduate study or perhaps direct entry into the world of work, like so many of our graduates are doing.

Clayton State students may also choose to major in History & Secondary Education, leading to certification in Grades 6-12. The degree program (though not entirely online, since internships are required) has been approved by the Board of Regents and the Georgia Professional Standards Commission.

Graduate Degrees

The History program at Clayton State also includes a graduate concentration within the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies degree, as well as courses in support of the Master of Arts in Teaching of History.  

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