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The HUB: Student Antivirus Options

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Student Antivirus Options

Keeping your system safe is as simple as choosing the right antivirus product for you. Here are some great options.

ISP Provided ISP Provided

Your Internet Service provider may provide a free or reduced pricing antivirus product.

Trial Services Trial Services

Try before you buy is a great way to test out what AV options works best for you!

Freemium Options Freemium Options

Some Antivirus Manufacturers provide a free base product that has extra features enabled when you purchase the full service.


LANDesk For Student Computers Rides Off Into the Sunset

All good things must come to an end, including LANDesk antivirus. Our license agreement with LANDesk is expiring. We'll be sunsetting the LANDesk software for students. Don't fret, there are many excellent options to keep your system safe.

It is imperative that you remove LANDesk AV prior to installing another Antivirus product.

Antivirus from Your Internet Service Provider

Check with your ISP to find out if you are eligible for a free antivirus subscription. It's in their best interest to keep their networks safe, so most ISPs include a full AV subscription. If you are already paying for the service, it's wise to take advantage of these offers.


Comcast & Xfinity provide a full version of Norton Security Suite


AT&T's Internet Security Suite is powered by McAfee


Charter Security Suite is available for Windows & Mac. So fancy. 

Trial Services

The goal of trial antivirus products are to get you to try it out for free in hopes you'd recognize the value of their services. Here are some of the most popular trial services.

Freemium Options

These products are functional antivirus solutions that have extra features when you purchase a subscription.