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Notebook Computer Policy

Our goal is to provide services that makes sure technology enhances the Clayton State educational experience.

  1. Notebook Computer Access. Each CSU student is required to have ready access throughout the semester to a notebook computer that meets the ITP Choice requirements for the student's academic program. Students will click "I agree" when first logging into the DUCK attesting to such access.
    • A student has a variety of options for "access." Student ownership of an appropriate notebook computer will be the most common approach, but students may also lease, rent, or share a notebook computer that meets minimum requirements as long as the student has regular, unrestricted access to the machine.
    • For students who choose ownership, a list of notebook vendors is provided to all students on the University's ITP Choice website. Companies that have authorized the CSU help desk (the HUB) to perform in-warranty repairs are designated as "preferred" vendors. Use of a CSU preferred vendor is not required.
    • Tablets, Netbooks & similar devices are not suitable substitutions for a Notebook computer, as these devices may not allow you to complete your assignments.
  2. Standard Software. Students should not purchase the Microsoft Office Professional Suite when purchasing a laptop.The notebook computer that the student uses must have the CSU standard software load (MS Office Professional), an active Virus scanning program, plus additional software needed for the student's major program. CSU will make the standard software load available to students as part of the technology fee, included in tuition. CSU makes the standard software load available to each student once per academic year. The week before classes begin and the first week of classes, installation is by appointment only. It is the student's responsibility to contact the HUB to schedule an appointment for installation during the two week period at the beginning of each semester. After this time, software installation comes on a walk-up basis. You may walk up after fees are paid at all other times for installation. Additional software necessary for specific courses and/or programs will be available for purchase from the CSU Campus Store and/or other vendors.
  3. Internet Access. Each CSU student is required to have ready access to e-mail and the Internet.
    • Each student is responsible for making their own arrangement for broadband (high speed) Internet Service Provider at home. High-speed internet service is provided while on campus at no additional charge.
    • CSU will provide each student with an e-mail address while enrolled in classes at Clayton. The student will be responsible for monitoring this address on a regular basis for communications from CSU faculty and administrators.
  4. Computer Skills. Students will be responsible for having or obtaining basic computer skills including the ability to send and receive email, internet browsing, and word processing. Higher level skills will be expected for many courses.
    • CSU provides a computer helpdesk (the HUB) for service to all student's laptops. If a laptop part is physically damaged, it can be replaced if the machine meets the following conditions:
      • The machine must be from a preferred vendor
      • The machine must be under warranty
      • The HUB must have consent of the owner to perform the work