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ITP Choice History

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ITP Choice: The History

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. -George Santayana

Why did Clayton State University adopt a mandatory notebook policy? 

In January 1998, through the Information Technology Project (ITP), Clayton State became the third public university in the nation to become a Notebook University where all students and faculty were provided notebook computers. The University believed that use of notebook computers in class by all faculty and students would enhance learning by enriching the classroom experience, as well as, providing Clayton State students with a competitive career advantage in the use of computers.

Since that time, the program has developed into an unqualified success.  The program has improved teaching, learning, and provided Clayton State students with outstanding computer skills that are immediately useful in any career.  Consistently, student and faculty surveys indicate that the Clayton State’s Notebook University enhances learning and gives Clayton State students a competitive advantage in the use of technology.  Furthermore, ITP won national recognition, including a Pioneer Award from the Fourth Annual Conference on Ubiquitous Computing.


What is ITP Choice?

Clayton State University’s Information Technology Program requires all students to have on-demand access to a laptop computer for academic work. ITP Choice was implemented in August 2001 as phase 2 of the ITP program. Phase 1 required students to pay a $300 technology fee and students were issued a university-owned laptop computer for use during the semester. ITP Choice:

  • allowed students to choose and own their own laptops
  • allowed students to choose their own internet service provider
  • substantially reduced the technology fee.

Am I required to have a laptop?

Yes, All students enrolled in classes at CSU are required to have on-demand access to a laptop computer for academic usage while in the classroom. A student is responsible for using the laptop in class to take online tests and access other content via the network. The student is not required to own the laptop but is required to have access to a laptop as required by faculty.

Do student laptops have to meet certain hardware requirements?

Yes, the ITP choice defines the minimum hardware requirements, based on the student’s intended major. The hardware requirements can be found on theITP Choice Page

Where can I purchase/rent a laptop?

Clayton State does not maintain any type of vendor list for rentals of laptop computers. CSU does maintain preferred vendor agreements to assist students with hardware repair of their laptops.

What are “Preferred Vendors”?

Preferred vendor status means that HUB staff have been trained and given authority by the vendor to repair/replace parts of a computer covered by the vendor warranty. CSU currently has the following preferred vendors:

Do I need a warranty on my laptop?

The HUB recommends purchasing warranty coverage for all laptops. While warranty coverage alone typically does not cover user damage (drops, spills, etc.), it will allow for quick repair/replacement of any hardware components that fail. Some laptop components can be expensive to replace if there is no warranty on the computer and could result in a delay in getting the laptop repaired.

Where can I get help with my laptop?

The HUB offers help to students, faculty, and staff through our walk-up locations, email, telephone, user guides, and our knowledge base.

What does the student technology fee cover?

The technology fee ($57.00) included in tuition covers the following:

  • License for the Microsoft Office software suite and LANDesk antivirus
  • Technical support provided by the HUB (The HUB will provide support for one laptop per student.)
  • Campus internet access
  • Classroom AV equipment