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Software Applications


What you need:

A computer eligible for service, you can see the prerequisites from our ITP choice guidelines

Brought a laptop into us during the semester for any type of work (hardware/software)? it is considered your primary laptop that we would work on for the entire semester.

Windows 7 Operating System

MacBooks that support BootCamp/Virtual Box setups.

Windows Laptops that meet our ITP choice guidelines

Microsoft Office

2010 available for Windows 7 and 8

2011 available for Mac devices

LANDesk Antivirus

Available for install by walk up, or by self install by going to The Hub tab under the SWAN

Faculty and Staff

No personal laptops allowed

We are only allowed to install software on faculty/staff laptops that The Hub distributed, or their Department has purchased for use here at Clayton State University.

Microsoft Office

2010 available for Windows 7

2011 available for Mac devices that are department machines

What can we install the Windows 7 Operating system on?

Department Desktops/Laptops.

Need special software installed for a course? Bring it by, and we will try our best to get it installed.