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Keeping your data safe is our priority. The VPN is a secure connection to Clayton State's Network.


Preshared Key

You'll only need this key if you decide to do a manual setup. Log in with your CSU Office 365 credentials.

Update your VPN settings soon.

Thanks to everyone who beta-tested the VPN. You'll need to update your VPN settings to use the new key.

We'll be discontinuing the old VPN. Please be sure to update your vpn settings.

Windows CSU VPN Manual Setup

Use the automated installer above for a quick install. If you need to install it manually, the guide below will be helpful.

  1. Go to Control Panel and select Network and Sharing.WindowsConfiguration-ControlPanel
  2. Click on Setup a New connection or NetworkWindowsVPNConfiguration-Network
  3. Select Connect to a WorkplaceWindowsVPNConfiguration-Workplace
  4. Select Use My Internet Connection (VPN)WindowsVPNConfiguration-VPN
  5. Enter in the following information and selectionsWindowsConfiguration-selections
  6. After the screen closes it will bring you back to the Network and Sharing screen. Click on Change Adapter SettingsWindowsConfigurationAdapterSettings
  7. Right click CSU VPN and choose propertiesWindowsConfiguration-Properties
  8. Go to the Security Tab and make the following changes. Next click the Advanced Settings buttonWindowsConfiguration-Security
  9. Select Use preshared key and enter in this information and press OK.WindowsConfiguration-key
  10. Next click the Properties button and make the following changesWindowsConfiguration-security-properties
  11. Verify the connection works

Mac OS CSU VPN Manual Setup

  1. Open System PreferencesVPNMacManual-syspref
  2. Select NetworkVPNMacManual-network
  3. Click the "+" button in the lower left corner.VPNMacManual-network-+
  4. Select "VPN" in the Interface dropdown field.VPNMacManual-VPN
  5. Select L2TP over IPSec in the VPN Type drop down field.VPNMacManual-ipsec
  6. Type in CSU VPN in the Service Name fieldVPNMacManual-ServiceName
  7. Fill in “” for the server address field.VPNMacManual-ServerAddress
  8. Type in your username in the Account Name field.VPNMacManual-AccountName
  9. Click Authentication Settings…VPNMacManual-AuthenticationSettings
  10. Type your password in the Password field.VPNMacManual-Password
  11. Paste the Shared Secret Key in the Shared Secret field, then click OK:VPNMacManual-sharedKey
  12. Under Advanced > “Options” tab, ensure “Send all traffic over VPN connection” is checked.VPNMacManual-applyVPNMacManual-apply
  13. Check the "Show VPN status in menu bar"'VPNMacManual-CheckBox
  14. Click "Apply" in the lower left corner.VPNMacManual-apply
  15. Click Connect to verify these settings. *NOTE: you will not be able to connect on campus.*


Image of ios settings

Open Settings then tap General. Scroll down to VPN and tap it.

Tap Add VPN Configuration and specify the following settings:

  • Type: L2TP
  • Description: CUS VPN
  • Sever:
  • Account: Use your CSU username. (same as the one used for the SWAN)
  • Password: Use your CSU password. (same as the one used for the SWAN)
  • Secret: Use this Key. Please do not share this.