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The HUB: Landesk

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The HUB, would like to introduce you to LANDesk Man, our very own resident warrior against evil and viri! LANDesk Man is capable of exterminating the nastiest, most frustrating forms of virtual infections with little effort or stress to your computer's performance. LANDesk Man is as capable of vanquishing malicious programs within the blink of an eye. And yes, you as a student of CSU, can have all the benefits of full LANDesk protection without paying those annoying anti-virus renewal fees! Alas! Feel safe, protected, secure, and AWESOME with the power of LANDesk Man at your side at all times!

LANDesk Antivirus

The ever-looming threat of vile viruses and malicious malware doesn't stand a chance against the might of LANDesk Man's Antivirus powers! It replaces the old antivirus, F-secure. Based on the Kasperky Lab's corporate product, LANDesk AV has a better track record of finding and cleaning viruses. So laugh in the face of danger my friends.

Remote Installation

Do you need software... now? There is another very unique feature you would not believe LANDesk would have to offer? Through LANDesk, you will the ability to download and install applications like; Microsoft Office 2007, Adobe Flash Player, Acrobat Reader, Smart Print, and more, without having to make a trip to the HUB.

Real Time Monitoring

Real Time Monitoring can help determine why you computer may be going slow or freezing, as well as help fix issues with some networking configurations and services.

Remote Desktop Support

LANDesk Remote Desktop Support lets you show the HUB staff what's currently on your screen to better troubleshoot your computer.