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How to use: The Home Folder (H drive)

Through LochBox

You can access your H drive anywhere by using

Here is a quick guide on how to use it: There is also a guide that will display on the front page before you login that will be able to assist further if needed..

Accessing the H drive from your computer

Click your start button, and then click on Computer

Once you click on “Computer” you will see this window come up. Under “Network Location” you will find your H drive listed like below.

It will have your username, and then show the path \\\home (H:)

When you open the H drive you will see a few files already in it by default.

A good way to start backing up your files that are critical, you can go ahead and made a new folder called Backup, and gave it today's date. You can copy and paste files into this folder or even drag them

You may be wondering about the _Public folder. This is where you would put something like a personal website that you want to display to the public.


Is the H drive is missing when you start your Clayton State Machine? Here is what you can do on your own to resolve it:

1) Restart the computer while plugged into an Ethernet port

Sometimes the computer just needs to restart. We all hate hearing “Did you turn it off and off again?” but in general it’s the best place to start.

If using a laptop, make sure you turn your wireless OFF or else it may not work.

2) Map the H drive manually

Click your start button, and then click on Computer

Hit the Map Network Drive button, just like below

Then you will see a window like this one:

Select “H” for drive

Type \\\home\(Your username for the SWAN), leave out the ( and )

Make sure reconnect at logon is checked