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Connect to CSUSecure on Windows

Step 1: Click the network icon on the taskbar in the lower right hand corner, select "Network & Internet Settings." 

Step 2: Click “Open Network and Sharing Center”

Step 3: Click “Manage wireless networks” on the left hand side.

Step 4: Click “Add” Select “Manually create a network profile”

Step 5: Type “CSUSecure” for the network name Select “WPA2-Enterprise” for security type Selected “AES” for encryption type Check the boxes for “start this connection automatically” and “connect even if the network is not broadcasting” Click “Next”

Step 6: Click “change connection settings”

Step 7: Select the “Security” tab Click “Settings”

Step 8: Uncheck the box for “validate server certificate” Click “OK” to return to the “CSUSecure Wireless Network Properties” menu

Step 9: Click “Advanced settings” Check the box for “specify authentication mode:” Select “user authentication” from the drop down menu Click “Save credentials”

Step 10: Type your CSU username and password Click “OK”

Step 11: Click “OK” to close the “advanced settings” menu Click “OK” again to close the “CSUSecure Wireless Network Properties” menu Click “Close” on the “manually connect to a wireless network” menu to complete the setup Now click on the network icon in the Notification Are of the taskbar to verify connectivity