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CSU Secure
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Connect to CSUSecure. 

CSUSecure provides the peace of mind you deserve when using Clayton State's Network. CSUSecure is the wireless connection available specifically for students, faculty, & staff. CSUSecure provides better security than our previous network, Marut. 

Select CSUSecure from the list of available wireless networks in your network settings.


Security: WPA 2 Enterprise

Username: Use your CSU credentials

Password: Use your CSU credentials 

Most devices will connect to CSUSecure without additional settings. If you have an IOS device or a Windows 7 computer, please see the additional instructions below.

Are you a visitor to Clayton State?

Use CSUGuest

Have a game console or SmartTV?

Use CSUGame

IOS Additional Settings

You may see the following image while adding CSUSecure to your Apple devices. Please be sure to select "Trust". We have a self signed certificate that IOS want you to be aware of. We promise, it's safe!

HP Windows 7 Computer

CSUSecure on Windows 7 Additional Settings

If you are using Windows 7, there are additional steps to connect to CSUSecure. We have created an app to automate this process.

Step 1.

Download & unzip the CSUSecure self-installing tool

Windows 7 CSUSecure self-installing tool

Step 2

Run the application and click "Install"

Step 3

Click on the message "Additional information is needed to connect to CSUSecure."

Step 4 

Enter your CSU credentials when prompted

Step 5

Click on your network icon to verify you are connected.

CSUSecure Manual Setup for Windows 7

We've also created a guide on how to set up CSUSecure manually.

Manual CSUSecure Setup

Connecting to CSUSecure on a Mac

Begin by locating and clicking the wireless icon in the upper-right corner in the menu bar. It looks similar to a slice of pie.

Select "CSUSecure" from the list of available wireless networks.

Once connected you will see the Authentication window.

Username: Use your CSU network username. Do not use your email address.

Password: Use your CSU password

Congratulations! You've connected to CSUSecure.