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Program Mission

The mission of this program is to prepare students for a variety of entry and mid-level management positions within the broad field of health and fitness. To this end, the curriculum covers a wide scope from the scientific basis of exercise as a tool for health promotion, to the management of sport performance, health and wellness facilities and personnel. Students will be afforded opportunities to learn about the role of physical activity and sports in an interdisciplinary setting that involves health care and human performance issues prevalent in today’s society. This mission of the Program is consistent with the University’s mission of meeting the needs of the community. The community is typically identified as the Southern Crescent of the metropolitan Atlanta. Located within the Southern Crescent are a great number and variety of health care delivery systems that are growing and expanding as the population of this part of Georgia keeps increasing. The need to educate and provide managers for these institutions also is increasing and, thus serves as impetus for us to complete our mission.