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Internship Guidelines

Junior Year - First Semester

  1. Advisor informs students of the required internship when entering the Health & Fitness Management program.
  2. Students need to consider what kind of work they are interested in for an internship as soon as they begin the Health & Fitness Management program. At the beginning of a student’s junior year, the student should begin looking for an internship. A student can obtain help with this by contacting the Office of Career Services, the professor who supervises the internship program for that semester, or through networking.
  3. Students need to communicate regularly with a Health & Fitness Management advisor or professor.

Senior Year - First Semester

  1. Each student is responsible for establishing an internship with the help of a Health & Fitness Management faculty member. The faculty member will provide contacts for the student and will offer instructions on how to properly make the contact. If a student finds an internship site without the help of a faculty member, the site has to be approved by a Health & Fitness Management faculty member.
  2. Students are required to coordinate an internship with the Office of Career Services by contacting Bridgette McDonald at 678-466-5400 or through e-mail. Students are required to provide the office with information about themselves and the type of internship that may be of interest to them. This form can be filled out at any time, preferably before searching for an internship in order for the Office of Career Services to help the student with the process. A current resume is required in order to receive assistance.
  3. An internship is to be established at least one semester before the student is required to participate in the internship.

*Remember, obtaining an internship is similar to obtaining a job! Students are required to have a current resume, to dress appropriately, and to maintain good interviewing skills. The Office of Career Services is available to help students in these areas.

*If students need help with developing a resume, contact Bridgette McDonald in the Office of Career Services at (678) 466-5400 or through e-mail.

Senior Year - Established Internship

  1. Internship forms can be found in the Office of Career Services. Included in these forms is an agreement between the school, the student, and the employer. All parties are required to sign the agreement. The completed forms are to be returned to the Office of Career Services as soon as possible.
  2. The internship student is required to maintain a log showing the time the student arrives and leaves the job site, the hours per day that the student works, and the initials or signature of the student’s preceptor. The log will reflect the total hours worked per week as well as the total hours required per week.