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Entry Level Admissions

B.S. in Health & Fitness Management Program

Students intending to enroll in the Health & Fitness Management program must meet all University admission and academic requirements. The following additional requirements also apply and must be met prior to enrollment in any business or health sciences courses numbered 3000 or above:

  1. Completion of Program Information Form.
  2. Completion of Lower Division Requirements:
    • Students may be enrolled to the Health & Fitness Management program and allowed to take selected 3000-level courses upon completion of at least 45 semester credit hours applicable to Areas A-F, including HFMG 1101, BIOL 1151 & BIOL 1151L, BIOL 1152 & BIOL 1152L, ACCT 2101, and ECON 2105 as well as HFMG 2110. The selected courses are HFMG 3110 and HSCI 3520.
    • Health & Fitness Management students must complete all Area A-F requirements (with no grade lower than C in Area F) prior to enrollment in any 3000-level Health Sciences courses other than those listed above.

Other Program Requirements

  1. Students must complete assessments in writing and other areas as required and must fulfill any remediation requirements that may be specified according to assessment results.
  2. Grades of D will not count toward graduation for Area F or for any upper division requirements.
  3. In order to receive the B.S. degree, a student must complete a minimum of 30 hours in residency at Clayton State University. Of these, at least 24 hours must be upper division courses within the program, including HFMG 4110, Internship, and HFMG capstone course.
  4. All courses in the Health & Fitness Management core must be completed prior to enrollment in the Capstone series described above (point 3 above).
  5. Students are required to assemble an acceptable professional portfolio based on the program outcomes. This document will be submitted during the last semester of the student’s program of study.