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Nursing Clinicals

As part of your studies, you are required to complete clinicals to gain experience in how a medical setting operates.

Clinical Requirements 

Listed below are links to required forms/documentation for clinical placements. All forms are in PDF format unless otherwise indicated. Download each document and submit to the School of Nursing

  • Health/Immunization Requirements - Required for nursing students

Student Health Insurance

Access information and waivers related to the university’s student health insurance.

Clinical Sites

Click on “Student” beside the site you have been assigned to for details on individual site requirements.




Anchor Hospital


Athens Regional Health Systems


Atlanta Medical Center (Tenet)






Boy Scouts of America





Center for Black Women's Wellness


Children's Health Care of Atlanta



Christian City, Inc.


Clayton Co. Health Dept. (District 3)


Clayton County Mental Health


Clayton County Head Start


Clayton County Senior Services


Cloud Healthcare & Wellness Services


Cobb County Public Health


Community Care Center @ SRMC


Correct Health


Crescent Pines


CSU - University Health Services - Nurse Managed Clinic





DeKalb Regional Health System


District 4 - Public Health





Eastside Medical Center, Inc.


Emory Systems (Crawford Long Hospital/Emory Hospital)





Fayette Community Hospital (Piedmont)


Fayette Co. Headstart Pre-K - Reach Services, Inc.


Fayette Pregnancy Resource Center





Good Shepherd Clinic


Grady Health Systems





Healing Bridge Clinic


Henry Medical Center (Piedmont)


High Point Family Practice


Hospice Advantage










Lowes' Guardian Angel, LLC





Newton General


North Central Health District Dept. of Public Health - Dist. 5-2


Northside Hospital





Pediatra - Healthcare for Kids


Piedmont Healthcare







Robinson OBGYN w/Greystone


Rockdale Hospital





Sacred Journey Hospice


Sarah Care (Adult Day Care)


Shepherd Center


Southern Crescent Sexual Assault & Advocacy Center


Southern Regional Medical Center


Southside Medical Center


Southern Crescent Behavioral Health


Spalding Regional Medical Center





VA Medical Center





West End


Westbury Health Rehabilitation Center (Conyers)



Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

The Children's Healthcare of Atlanta clinical site requires nursing students to submit additional required information and forms/documents. Review and complete all requirements below.

Submit Student Information:

View the CHOA website

Username: university

Password: faculty04

  • Read EXHIBIT A, Children’s Participation Agreement (DO NOT SUBMIT)
  • Complete Pre-Clinical Orientation Checklist (DO NOT SUBMIT TO CHOA)
    • Student Name: Print your first and last name
    • Student ID# or last 4 digits of SSN#: Print your KSU Student ID #
    • School Name: Clayton State University
    • Instructor: Leave Blank
    • Unit & Location: Print your assigned location: Egleston, Hughes Spaulding or Scottish Rite
    • Semester: Print the semester (Spring, Summer or Fall) and the year
    • Date: Today’s Date
    • Completion Date: Fill in the date you completed each module
  • Submit Pre-Clinical Orientation Checklist (Item 2) to Lillian Valdez via email or in person
  • Stop by Room 3004 to sign Exhibit B-1
  • Log into Advantage Students account and select Children’s Health Care of Atlanta to view your results.

Checklist of documents to submit:

  • Pre-Clinical Orientation Checklist
  • Copy of current flu vaccine should be on file with WSON
  • Exhibit B-1