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Health Insurance



If you are currently covered by a comparable plan, you now have the option to complete a Waiver Form to request a review of your existing coverage. If it is determined that your coverage meets United Healthcare minimum coverage standards, you will not be required to enroll in the Clayton State University’s student insurance plan. Please follow these steps to apply for the WAIVER:

  • Clayton State University Student Health Insurance Information
  • Select Students Applying for Insurance Waivers
  • Select Waiver Form – Located in the middle of the page
  • Submit requested information.
  • Must submit waiver every semester; Fall waiver period is 8/1– 9/15; Spring/Summer waiver period is 1/1 – 2/15; Summer only waiver period is 5/1-6/15.

NOTE: If approved the waiver will not appear on your CSU student account immediately. Allow three business days to update.(ex. Waiver approved by UHCSR on August 8 will post on your CSU account no later than August 11.)


If you need the student health insurance coverage, there is no need to wait for the default coverage to occur which is September 15. You can confirm enrollment now and receive your insurance card. The Fall coverage period begins August 1 and ends on December 31. Please follow these steps for ENROLLMENT:

  • Clayton State University Student Health Insurance Information
  • Select Students Confirming Your Enrollment
  • Select Enrollment Form – Located in the middle of the page below Waiver Form
  • Submit requested information.
  • Must submit enrollment every semester (Fall; August 1– December 31) and (Spring/Summer; January 1 – July 31)

NOTE: After enrollment you will receive an email with instructions on how to print your insurance card.

BSDH, BSN and MSN students are required to have student health insurance that meets the minimum standards set by USG SHIP:

The USG BOR is currently under contract with United Healthcare. Students are automatically enrolled in the mandatory plan upon program entry and registration in nursing/dental hygiene coursework. Students with comparable insurance plan must waive out each semester of enrollment.

Students are required to submit the Health Insurance Policy upon program entry.

REMEMBER: It is the student's responsibility to submit insurance waiver each semester of enrollment.