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HSCI Internship Manual


Health Sciences (HSCI) students must complete the HSCI 4900 Health Sciences Seminar & HSCI 4970 Health Sciences Internship part of the program requirements. These courses require the student to develop individual learning objectives collaborated with their faculty facilitator and chosen preceptor(s) at the onset of the course.  The internship will enable students to obtain practical skills, broaden exposure to specialty areas, explore arenas with which they are unfamiliar, and apply theory learned throughout the curriculum.

Deadline for the ILA submission is on or before the following dates:

Fall 2020: July 24, 2020

Spring 2021: November 20, 2020

Summer 2021: April 23, 2021

This link is for HSCI students to request overrides into HCSI courses, HSCI 4900 Health Sciences Seminar & HSCI 4970 Health Sciences Internship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should I contact to discuss my potential site, learning objectives, expectations, job title and description?

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Margaret McAlister
Office: Clayton Hall, T113-A