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Graduation Application

Instructions for completing your graduation application:

  1. Select the graduation application for your major and catalog year.
  2. Go to the DUCK to obtain a copy of your academic history.
  3. Complete the form to the best of your abilities; refer to advisement worksheets.
  4. Schedule an appointment with a Department of Dental Hygiene advisor to review your completed form. Retain a copy for your records; the Registrar will send a graduation evaluation to your Clayton State University e-mail account and you may need to refer to it.
  5. You must have an approved course substitution form on file in the Registrar’s Office if you will be using any course other than what is listed in the catalog for your major. Consult with your advisor regarding course substitutions.
  6. Submit your completed, signed form to the Office of the Registrar by the appropriate deadline.You will be assessed a graduation application fee at time of submission. Visit the Registrar website for current fee schedule and application deadlines.

Double major in Health Care Management requires payment of two graduation application fees to cover both degrees.

BSDH-Basic Licensure

Anticipated graduation term:

BSDH-Basic Licensure with Health Care Management Double Major

Anticipated graduation term:

BSDH-RDH Completion

BSDH-RDH Completion with Health Care Management Double Major

RDH Completion students need special permission to graduate under earlier catalogs; see academic advisor for details.